Unlocked quadband gsm

 To this day, there are more than more than 690 GSM mobile networks across 213 countries and consists of 82.4% of all global mobile connections. According to statistics available there are more than 2 billion GSM mobile users in the world, with China having the largest users with more than 370 million, and Russia following with 145 million users. While US have 78 million, India has 83 million using the GSM service.

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A mobile phone can be a bewildering affair for a traveler. It is mostly incompatibility with the network of your visiting country, since every country in the world has different frequency band of operation.

Almost all parts of the world operate on GSM technology, except USA and Canada. Originally GSM operated at a frequency of 900 MHz, which is being continuously upgraded and now works on 1,800 MHz service. With a GSM phone, you can access service in 212 different countries. Some of the mobile phones available in the United States and Canada operate on GSM, but most of them are of a different frequency band. The GSM service available in North America is of a totally different frequency of 1,900 MHz and sometimes 850 MHz, which is different from the standard of 1,800 MHz. Not all countries in the world use the standard 900/1,800 MHz GSM. The exceptions being, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Korea, and some Central/South American countries, with some limited coverage of the standard GSM networks.

Today, mobile phones have become a part of daily living. We often wonder how we ever lived without them. Whether you are traveling on business or on a holiday, mobile phones offer incredible services during your journey. However, they also present some challenges, when you wonder if that mobile phone you have will work while you travel from one place to the other.

There are three bands on which the mobile transmission is based on, with different countries operating on a different frequency falling under different bands. Today, quad band mobile phones take away the fear in you, relieving you from that worry, if your mobile phone will work in UK.

The obvious convenience of having a mobile phone makes you feel safe where-ever you are, with the facility that it has to quick-access for help when you need it and talk to the people important to you. It is one of the most economical and essential life-long product in anyone's life today. Think about those olden days when you had to make a call from your hotel room. Think about the bill that you paid, just for your telephone calls. Now you have a mobile phone, a partner to your daily life. You can already feel the difference. Today, many of these phones are being offered with exceptional plans that may include, free airtime, cheaper long distance charges and in some cases cheaper international roaming charges. In India, for example, service providers have started to offer life time incoming calls on pre-paid sim cards of your mobile. Realising such a benefit, you feel comfortable that atleast you are available on your mobile phone. Prices are dropping every month, which started with a huge investment when mobile phones were first introduced.

Let us look at why all mobile phones are not compatible.

Unlocked quadband gsm


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